Shak Anwar

Marketing Director at Board360


Shak is a specialist in the UK and European fashion and sports industries.

Shak created the KooGa Made For Rugby brand in 1997 and built this from a start up to one of the top two rugby brands in the World in 2007. He raised finance by attracting investment partners ranging from 3i Venture Capital, Chinese Conglomerates to UK Plc.’s.

He is also experienced in building and developing Online shopping platforms


Shak is at ease working with SME‘s in terms of developing and implementing Marketing and Branding strategies to create growth for owners and shareholders. He also works as a Mentor and coach to Owner/Directors of SME’s

Skills and Capabilities

His key skills are Marketing, Band Building, Business Development, Business Growth

Key Capabilities

Brand Engineering

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Creation,
  • Brand Positioning

Marketing Management

  • Market Segmentation,
  • Customer/Consumer Profiling,
  • Distribution Channels/Routes to Market
  • Advertising/PR/Online Presence,
  • Product Development

Sales and Distribution

  • Sales Structure Analysis/Management/Motivation,
  • Key Account Management,
  • Worldwide Distribution Strategy,
  • Direct/Distributors/Licensing/Online