The Situation

This business is based in Wales and upon the death of the Founder/Owner, the son took over as MD and his sister as FD. The business supplied local rugby, football and cycling clubs with sublimated printed performance apparel. They had in the past tried to supply local schools and universities with little or no success

Sales were on a decline as manufacturing competitors had taken most of the production overseas.

Shak Anwar was asked to perform a complete audit of the business and to provide a new Marketing plan to grow sales and profits

The Solution

The audit revealed that the main part of the clubs expenditure after the playing kit was training apparel ie hoodies, polos, rainjackets etc. This was a market that the client had never investigated as the lead times from the Far East were long, typically over 12 weeks and the minimums were usually very high.

SA recommended an experienced On Demand supplier based in Pakistan whose lead times were 6 weeks and minimums of 12 pieces per style.

SA also recommended an online kit designer to be built into the current website where teams and clubs could colour up set designs and email them to the Client.

Sample sets were ordered from the supplier so that teams could visit the client and try on the various garments

The sales force was restructured and armed with Ipads so they could demonstrate the kit designer en route and all orders had to be placed through the website.

Internally the customers service department was restructured to handle bespoke orders and all the team were trained in terms of bespoke apparel. This multiskilling ensured that all the customer service employees could help any customer with their enquiries.

Finally a specific purchasing role was highlighted within the business to assess the demand for bespoke apparel, place orders and communicate with the supplier.

The Results

After the initial bedding in period of three months and investment in PPC advertising orders started to come through and in the first year of operations Bespoke teamwear contributed 30% of the sales and profits of the business. This business was not limited to his locality but came from all over the UK

The Client also created a sub brand for his schoolwear business and introduced a value line of products for schools and colleges.

The Client also boosted sales of his manufactured playing kits and used these as an incentive for customers to buy the bespoke training range

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