The Situation

Dr. Ilana Pine, Dentist:,is a tenacious, caring, detail-oriented dentist and business owner. For many years She had dreamed of starting up her own practice, but after looking into acquiring an existing practice, she knew creating one from scratch, was the only way to go.
From the creation of the business concept, Love Teeth, she engaged Nigel Gilmore a business specialist to make sure she got things right, Ilana knew dentistry inside out, but she knew business management was a whole different skillset. Deciding to get the experience of a person who had run and managed at a senior level many companies, some in the health care industry itself was one of the game changers that would ensure her competitors would be left behind.
The chosen location (a suburb outside of Manchester) boasts an affluent population with children, that was established enough to afford a family dental plan, yet young enough to grow with her and whilst the location came with much competition she knew from having worked the area for many years that no other practice really considered or valued their patients.

The Solution

Dr. Pine’s chosen marketing solution agreed with Nigel was a multiple media mix, direct marketing combined with a dynamic e-commerce campaign . Firstly a postcard campaign was set up that would target 22,000 residents living within a two-mile radius of her practice. Each recipient received the card four times in the first year.

The postcard design has a lot going for it:

• Its sophisticated design and branding work together to appeal to his target market
• Three tried and tested (and time-sensitive!) offers
• It provides lots of useful information and benefits without overwhelming the

The Results

“In 6 months, a campaign revenue of £90,000 — an ROI of 1,175%”

In its first six months, Love Teeth Dental Practice saw 344 new patients; 78 of those leads were generated from the postcards. And that was just the beginning.

“I think the postcards were basically the catalyst to get that fire going,” Nigel Gilmore said. “we sent out 22,000 postcards four times to the same list. So that’s a potential 22,000 people and clicks out there helping build the website’s SEO. The more clicks the postcards generated for the website, the more patients logging on and Googling Ilana’s name, Googling her practice, and clicking on her name and link — all of that really helps.”

This combined with Nigel’s complementary strategy of ensuring the website was fully Optimised and managed by a third party specialist delivered incredible levels of new patient registrations

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